• Dale Shaw

April 2019: Syndicate Update

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

Hi all and welcome to April's syndicate update,

March ended on a high with Deja Boom running a decent first run at the track and then Sonlink Boom won in handicap action, she never usually has to pass dogs as she is blessed with plenty of early boot, but the handicap will of got her used to that coming from behind in trap 4 to overtake the 3 dogs in front of her, she should come on for that once again, shes a improving puppy to say the least, 2 shares still available in her if you are interested here is the link

I am going to break the monthly blogs into weekly blogs now as we should be having 3 runners a week now, I will update this blog on a weekly basis so all will be on this 1 thread, so here is week 1.


Now lets crack on with this month, First up we have TickTock Boom our latest recruit who ran in a trial on 4th April, it was much improved from his first trial, he should be graded and running 2nd week of April, so more will follow below as the month progresses.

On 5th April , Deja Boom had her 2nd start for the syndicate after showing plenty of promise when quick away and leading til the 4th over 4 bends, she has been off for a while so fitness will build and this girl should be a nice bitch for us, she tried a sprint race and this time she was slow away and cost all chance from the break, no rushing this girl she has good potential.

On 6th April Aug 17 pup, Sonlink Boom returned to level breaks after winning a handicap last time out She made it 4 career wins already and hacked up a easy winner despite her not breaking as well as she usually does, again amazingly there is 10% left in this girl you can buy via her page all shares come with a welcome pack including your certificate of ownership and photo, vid below


TickTock Boom Kicked off the week on 11th April for the syndicate with another trial, which should be his final trial before being graded and running competively for the first start for new connections and kennels, he ran a decent solo clock of 29.53, watch out for more info/progress of him.

Next up Sonlink Boom and Deja Boom featured on the Saturday night card on 12th April. Sonlink Boom was upgraded in class to A3 after a cozy A4 win and a handicap win prior to that, she wasn't the fastest she had been out of the traps and took a early push in the race, unfortunately she didn't hit the frame.

Deja Boom was very slow away in her A3 race which was a surprise as she started so well on her course debut the start previous, sadly a falling dog impeded her and she needs to be re-trialed due to the distance she was beat.


A fairly quiet week for the syndicate, Deja Boom had her trial on the 19th April doing the 480m in 29.77, I am hoping the handicappper will cut her some slack and perhaps grading her A4/A5, so she can get some good runs behind her and get her used to the track, as well as building confidence.

Sonlink Boom ran on the same day in open class a first for her and for the syndicate, sadly it was hard luck story once again as she kept level with some smart pups up until the 1st bend where she was took out in the mist of trouble which then gave her no chance.

TickTock Boom was down as a reserve the same day but unfortunately his syndicate debut will have to wait another week.


The end of the month, and some promising runs for the syndicate with runs from Sonlink Boom and Deja Boom on 27th April, Sonlink Boom had a very tough ask in a handicap running from scratch whilst giving a headstart on the rest of the field, she did manage to pass a couple of rivals and wasn't beaten far, a good run.

Deja Boom ran in A4 grade a couple of races after, running from Trap 6 she trapped fairly well and again, not beaten far she was 3rd and also appeared to stay out the distance better this time around, I don't think it will be long before she gets her nose in front.

Sadly the debut of TickTock Boom was delayed again due to having a small niggle hes been given another couple of weeks rest, hopefully we willl see him in may.

That concludes the month and we will see you in May, thanks for reading.


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