• Dale Shaw

June 2019: Syndicate Update

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

Welcome to June's edition of the Syndicate blog, lets get straight into things.


A fairly quiet week to kick off the month of June, TickTock Boom came back ran and won his trial, he will be out competitively , and Sonlink Boom put in a great effort to come 2nd in her A4 race, she was only caught very close to near to the line, with the rest of the dogs a distance behind the front pair, she was very unlucky not to pick up yet another win, but shes young and enjoying her racing, plenty of wins left in her!


A little more going on this week, Deja Boom trialed very well after a short break following a minor injury, she ran a sprint in decent time and will be put over the longer distance next , shes reportedly doing very well at home and galloping very good, she be itching to get back racing, shes a nice dog and still very young think she will serve us all well.

Then we had the eagerly awaited debut of TickTock Boom (Mill Fallon, We are still waiting on GBGB for the name change, it has been chased up once again).

His debut for both kennel and the syndicate in a hanicap, and although only managing to beat one home, we didn't expect him to win or even go close, but he wasn't far behind as it was a bunch finish to the line, his race fitness will get there after a couple more runs and I have faith in both Tom and TickTock that he will be winning in future weeks if building on each run.

Next up was Sonlink Boom, she trapped fairly well but was beaten to the bend by a fast starting dog in trap 1, the 2nd bend she appeared to slip/hurt herself, and subsequently lost some ground, she finished the race though and the injury which we know after Tom has used the infared machine, is a slight strain to her shoulder, she is in no pain and a 10 day rest should be enough for her to get back to full health.


After a pleasing return by Deja Boom in her sprint trial last week, she trialed over 480m she missed the break and was a distance behind the other 2 dogs, she will be trialed again next week.

Sonlink Boom sat out this week as a precaution after a slight shoulder niggle.

Finally Mill Fallon (TickTock Boom) After weeks of trying to change his name to a boom theme named dog, it is looking like he will be called Booms Away , After submitting a list of names the Greyhound Board said this one would be best as the others are similar named to other dogs.

Anyway he won on just the 2nd start for us in a handicap race winning nicely by some 5 lengths in a very decent time of 28.76s (vid below).


Sonlink Boom wrapped things up for the syndicate with yet another win, after sitting last week out she flew to the first bend and then took the race on , she showed plenty of guts and determination to hold on for the win, in a very good 29.18s and 4.59 sectional. , (Vid below)

In other news TickTock as expected was badly punished for last weeks success by the handicapper, was given a tough ask from trap 4 in a decent handicap, he was far from disgraced but it was a big ask, sure he will be winning again soon for us.

Deja Boom will need to re-trial again after finding trouble then knocking the fence , she came back none the worse she just needs to get her confidence back.

Overall a cracking month for the syndicate and well done to all involved and a big thanks to all the team at Link Kennels who look after and train all our dogs, they do a fantastic job!


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