Terms & Conditions

When you purchase a Share you are agreeing to accept these Terms and Conditions

D.Shaw is the Treasurer/Founder of the BOOM Greyhound Syndicate.

Once a Share is purchased it remains purchased and once in your name, cannot be sold on to a third party or transferred ,

All dogs remain the property of the syndicate, unless otherwise agreed.

When you purchase a share it is for the Racing Life of the Dog until it is homed you have no commitment to the dog unless you want to offer it a home, if we are lucky to have a brood bitch or stud dog after its racing life you may be offered discounted deals on Pups, and if we was unlucky enough for one of our dogs to pick up a race ending injury unfortunately memberships/ownerships for that dog(s) will cease, there is no cashbacks as the money was spent on the purchase of the dog(s),If any Dog gets injured you will receive updates on its recovery if sadly we are advised by the Vet to retire the dog we will do this, the kennel charges for transport as well as treatments, sadly there is no insurance available for greyhound racing dogs in the UK, buying dogs is a risk and this should be taken into account when you buy a share. please speak to me if unsure of anything, I promise to do my best for you. We do however make it as cheap as physically possible to make the syndicate excellent value and affordable for all, if we get 1-2 years from a dog we have done well and got our money's worth.

If we was to win a trophy then these will be raffled between owners of that dog, if we was to win anymore than one then the person with the first trophy will be excempt for the future ones to give all members a fair chance,

If we are lucky enough to win a major prize the Trainer may retain a percentage of the prize money this is normal practice for bigger races, the rest will be either distributed to each member by the % or put towards any future purchases agreed by ALL members/owners, The Kennel charges per mile to go to any open races away from the local track which will be split through the syndicate by % just like the normal kennel bills are now.

D.Shaw is in charge of the syndicate and will speak to the trainers direct, and relay that information, so any questions then he is the contact, if you wish to speak to the trainer direct please arrange this before to save the same conversations happening multiple times, All our dogs are registered to Boom Greyhound Syndicate

Owners have 7 days to pay there Kennel Fees Failure to to do so could mean you losing your Ownership, however we will attempt and make multiple attempts to contact you..

You can buy any amount of shares available in any of our dogs,you must feel comftable with your share size and able to pay monthly kennel costs which is shared by the % members have, but please know that if your looking to make money from prize money then it is rare in the sport, we could get an amazing dog then you could well be in receipt of some returns, but any graded race wins and runs will be used to offset the months bills hence you wll have lower bills them months, the cost is affordable and gives you a involvement of owning a dog, getting direct information and updates on the dog, and honest previews/reviews, but at a fraction of the cost of doing it alone, and you get to share the emotions of winning with likeminded members. All memberships include Boom Horse Racing tips for as long as your membership lasts

Boom dogs maybe offered to syndicate members on retirement. If multiple interests then again there will be a fair raffle. If no suitable home is found then they will go to an approved rehoming center where they will find a forever home, There is a upto £200 rehoming fee usually which with some dogs maybe split between the greyhound syndicate by % in a final bill, unless otherwise agreed in a deal.

Generally with a fit race ready dog we will expect to see 3-5 runs a month, Bitches will be given time away when in season, kennel bills will be slightly higher for these times as we won't be picking up prize or run money.


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